Saturday, 22 September 2012

Glue Base Review

So in my 'Glitter Bomb' post last week I was trialling the glue base technique (use a thin layer of glue instead of a base coast to get glitter nail polish off quickly). AND IT WORKED!!! Glitter nail polish wearers rejoice!!! Everything it was meant to do - it did!! This one in the picture above just popped off all in one go! Some came off in two goes but they still came off super quickly! I just picked them off, I didn't even use a tool which was suggested, so easy. :)

Only issue - I freaked out when I first took them off because my nails were YELLOW!! I was freaking out big time! Then I touched them and they didn't feel like my nails so I grabbed some nail polish remover and gave them a wipe and soon realised it was just some left over glue... crisis averted!! Will definitely be using this technique again!

Another plus - My nails felt stronger and harder while wearing this polish, like I had acrylics. I don't know if it was the base or the polish but either way they were nice and strong.

Until next time,
Weezy xx

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