Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Glitter Bomb!

Polish Used -
Glue base coat - used Elmers - School Glue
Essence - Rebel Delight
Australis - Fairy Bread
Australis - Speck-tacular

Two things came to me at the same time. The first was a glue base coat technique that I found on Pinterest. This is just a light coat of any washable glue under any glitter polish for easy removal (Read as - no more time rubbing and rubbing and getting frustrated when it takes an age to get glitter nail polish off! Just Peel off!!). I am super keen to give this a try!! The second was a polish I have been searching for for months (Australis - Fairy Bread) a really glittery polish that looks super fun. So I combined the two together!

For this look I started off with a wash of Elmers glue, when this was dry I followed with a wash of a nude polish. I then applied coats of Fairy Bread finishing off with a top coat with holo flakes embedded in it (Speck-tacular). Super fun and cute!! I am a sucker for anything glittery and anything that sparkles!!

I'm pretty sure (but don't quote me on this) that both Fairy Brad and Speck-tacular are limited editions. Very happy I was able to get my hands on them!! :)

Until next time,
Weezy xx

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