Monday, 1 October 2012


Polish Used:
Essie - Natural Nail Strengthener
Models Prefer - Platinum
Pe - 08 (Glow in the dark clear coat)

I love ebay! I love all the cute little thinks you can't find in stores, I love all the bargains you can find and I love all the nail products I have never seen before. So when I saw this glow in the dark top coat I was a tiny with sceptical  I didn't really believe that it would work and I wouldn't go as far to say it was the bees knees but it's still pretty amazing - I glow now!! :) So I bought this polish off ebay from a seller called "ddl2012" from China (free shipping of course!). Their ebay page:

This look is pretty straight forward: base coat, silver polish then the glow in the dark to coat! Even the bottle glows in the dark!!

But I need your help - I am presuming the writing on the bottle is Chinese because it come from china, so can you read Chinese? Can you help me uncover what is written on this bottle? I would really love to know!!!

If you do know what it says (even just one word) can you please comment below or let me know on my new FB page: Thanks a million in advance!!!

Until next time,
Weezy xx

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  1. great color :)
    your blog is amazing!