Sunday, 12 May 2013

Water Nymph Marbling

Polish Used:
Essie - Natural Nail Strengthener
N.Y.X. Girls - Milano
O.P.I. - No Room For The Blues
China Glaze - Quick Dry Top Coat

For what feels like forever, I have been trying and trying to teach myself how to water marble!! You name it, I have tried it! I have watched countless YouTube videos, read umpteen blog posts, read over many a instagram photo tutorial. I have tried cold water, warm water, tap water, boiled water. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Until one afternoon, in which it all clicked. It worked!! Hooray!!!! When I find the time (i.e. when I find the 25th hour in the day...) I will do a video showing how I achieved it and made a beautiful hair clip as well!!

Until next time,
Weezy xx

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