Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bah! Humbug!!

Polish Used - 
O.P.I. - Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
Essence - 02 Rebel Delight
e.l.f. - Chocolate
Essie - Below The Belt
Essie - Forever Young
BYS - Nail Art Lacquer: 001 White
BYS - Nail Art Lacquer: 002 Black
Jager - Eye Magic: Party Pink Shimmer (Pigment eye shadow)
China Glaze - Fast Forward Top Coat
(Woah what a list!!!!!! Well this was two days in the making!!!!)

Bah! Humbug!! - apart from quoting Mr. Dickens' BEST WORK you will never ever ever EVER find me saying this!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I think I get more excited every year!! :) Even just getting this beautiful Christmas tree ornament on the weekend form my eldest Sister-In-Law got me excited!!! I can't wait to pop it on my tree!!! My S-I-L also has an amazing crafty blog and she has helped me get mine sorted (she created my blog banner, I know! How amazing is that?!?). Her blog is this: http://polkadotparasoldesigns.blogspot.com.au/

Back to nail art! See how Christmas is distracting?!? I love it!! So for this look I started off with not my usual nail strengthener then followed with one coat of a beige-y nude polish. I then focused purely on my red nosed friend. I mixed a deep brown with white and nude to get a lighter brown (yes you can mix nail polishes!! I know!! How cool!! I do it in an old silicone muffin pan [When the polish dries it just pops out]). I used this lighter brown to create the face with a teeny tiny paint brush I picked up from the local craft shop (seriously it's teeny!!!). I then used it again to create my antlers but using the pure brown polish this time. I then used the polish from my nail art lacquers and a tiny dotting tool to do the eyes. Now the fun part! I mixed a basic red with a very shimmery pink pigment to create a shimmery red to do the magic nose!!! I liked the polish so much that I decided I needed another feature nail! :) I then used many different sized dotting tools to create my snow! I then sealed it allllllllll off with a high shine top coat and voil√†!!

If you want to have a red nosed friend too you can follow this easy-peasy nail art tutorial that yours truly also followed: http://blanketprint.tumblr.com/post/14638495670/colors-a-taupe-the-space-needle-opi-get-in-then

(Yeah no idea how to do those clever link-y things!!)

Util next time my fellow Christmas lover!!
Weezy xx

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